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Webnet is a place for people where they can use internet however they want.Webnet helps their clients to surf the internet anonymously.


What we do & what we have

WebNet Search Engine

WebNet has a search engine that doesnt track you.We dont store your personal information ever.Our privacy policy is simple we dont collect or share any of your personal information.We dont follow you around with ads. We dont store your search history. We therefore have nothing to sell to advertisers that track you across the internet.We dont track you in or out of private browsing mode.Other search engines track your searches even when youre in private browsing mode. We dont track your period.Switch to WebNet search Engine and take back your privacy!.No tracking, no ad targeting, just searching.


MyLb Storage Drive

Not only we have search engine we have also have MYLB Storage drive app

that can save ur files to Our Drive and our client can get those files whenever they want.



We donot track you so in that case

we have also provided our own official proxy for users to surf the internet for their personal information to search on the internet.



Anyone tired why not jump into some gaming action fun and enjoy some of our games.


Whats your IP

Some people really want to check their ip's for some reasons along with other details

we let them do that just click on "check my ip" and you will get your surroundings details.


WebNet Store

Want some of our apps that will cheer you-up. Just visite Webnet store to get the most from webnet.We also have our mini browser apps for android for people to search more easily and for a relative search.We also have a chat messenger just like facebook messenger and whatsapp that keeps you intouch with your freinds,family & loved one's.


Get Our latest Updates

Visite our facebook official page to get the recent updates & visite our youtube channel to gethelp with any tutorial relating to webnet.Webnet is a place where clients can submit their websites just like any other search engine but with much more enhanced,user freindly and a fastest process.

Yes webnet does it all and lets you what ever you want.For more info visite webnet Wiki